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urbanA word used by Ukrainians to insult Russians, especially those who come from Moscow.

urbanThere aren't any Georgians here anymore; now it's full of those Moskals!

urbanLet me make this perfectly clear: There is a huge difference between a Russian and a Moskal. A Russian is a normal person who is ethnically Russian and speaks Russian. (Ukrainians have nothing against this person). A Moskal is an individual, who is also ethnically Russian, and usually an alcoholic or drug user. A Moskal is also an imperialistic piece of shit who screams that he wants to conquer all of the countries bordering Russia, and or worships Stalin and Lenin as if they were "gods". Moskali usually hate all of the ethnicities in Eastern Europe (Ukrainians, Lithuanians, Latvians, Estonians, Belarussians, and Georgians). Usually they only find Russian nationalism acceptable, and label all other nationalists in EE as " fascists". I'm Ukrainian, and like I said before, I have nothing against normal Russian people.

urbanThat Moskal is trying to conquer all of Eastern Europe. Those Moskali always blackmail other countries with natural gas.

urbanThe Moskal is an omnipresent, mischievous entity that is somehow always responsible for the hardships and troubles of the Ukrainian people. The Moskal can be found everywhere from the streets of a small Russian village to the lowest depths of the internet. It has no form, but appears in the eyes of the average Ukrop (ultra-nationalistic Ukrainian) only when his point of view contradicts the one of his interlocutor, especially when it comes to history and geopolitics. Basically the Moskal is everything that contradicts the point of view of the average Ukrop (Ukrainian).

urbanUkrop: Did you know that the ancient proto-Ukrainians were the first to land on the moon? Random dude: Haha, nice joke mate. Ukrop: What?!?!? You don't believe me!??!?! YOU FILTHY BRAINWASHED MOSKAL! American: I was in Kiev last week and I saw a lot of swastikas sprayed on the walls. As a black man I didn't feel very safe. Turns out that there indeed are many neo-nazis in Ukraine! Ukrop: YOU ARE NOTHING BUT MOSKAL SCUM! YOU CANNOT BE AMERICAN, BECAUSE WHAT YOU SPEAK IS FILTHY PUTINIST MOSKAL PROPAGANDA!!!! SLAVA UKRAINI! HEROYAM SLAVA!!!! (drooling and spitting intensifies)

urbanA really fruity shot. A shot so fruity that it could even be called gay.


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songsNe Hodi Syuda Moskal' by Imperiya Snegov from the Album Den' Ognja


Books about Moskal:

booksМоскаль-чарівник (Moskal-charivnyk): Ukrainian edition by Іван Котляревський and Ivan Kotljarevskyj (Jan 30, 2014)

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booksMoskal' by Popov Mikhail (2009)


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Family name

Moskal is is a term for Russians used in Ukraine, Belarus and Poland and currently considered to be derogatory. Moskal can be a type of ethnic slur with a mild negative connotation. a derogatory reference word for Russian, or literally Muscovite to...

Hennadiy Moskal
Politician, Person

Hennadiy Hennadiyovych Moskal is a Ukrainian politician and jurist. He has acted as Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine. Merited Jurist of Ukraine.