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urbanStatues of this deity are already prominent in Japan by the 7th century. By the 9th century, Miroku Bosatsu becomes extremely popular among believers of the Shingon Sect, a form of Esoteric Buddhism. Founded by Kobo Daishi (774 to 835 AD), the Shingon sect believes that, far in the future, the Miroku Bosatsu will become a Nyorai (Buddha), and then appear on earth to save those unable to achieve enlightenment. Even today, Shingon followers are awaiting Miroku's return, scheduled to occur about 5.6 billion years from now. Miroku Bosatsu - Hakuhou Period, Treasure of Kouryu-jiAccording to Buddhist lore, the Days of Dharma (Buddhist Law) are divided into three periods: 1. First phase lasts 500 years; called the Turning of the Wheel of the Law (itself a metaphor for teaching the way to enlightenment), it refers to the spread and acceptance of Buddhist philosophy 2. Second phase lasts 1,000 years; during this period the practice of the Law begins to deteriorate 3. Last phase lasts 3,000 years; during this period, no one practises the Law In the very last period, Buddhism will weaken and fade, but a new Buddha will then appear to once again "turn the wheel of the law." This Buddha is Maitreya (Miroku). Technically speaking, Miroku is a Bosatsu who resides in the Tusita heaven -- the place where Bosatsu dwell before incarnation -- but Miroku is still considered a Buddha in light of his impending arrival. This explains why Miroku can be represented as either a Bosatsu or Nyorai (Buddha). Nonetheless, I am unsure why the modern-day Shingon Sect believes Miroku Nyorai will appear 5.6 billion years in the future. According to the timeframe set forth in the Days of the Dharma, isn't that supposed to be around 4000 AD? In Japan, the majority of Miroku artwork depicts the Miroku Bosatsu -- not sure if this holds true outside Japan. Also, in Japan, the Miroku Bosatsu is mostly shown seated, with finger touching cheek, as if in deep meditation or musing, and the left ankle of the foot is resting atop the right knee. Both poses are seldom found for the other Nyorai and Bosatsu. To help you differentiate between the Nyorai and Bosatsu versions of Miroku, just remember that Bosatsu statues are typically ornate, wearing crowns and jewelry and princely clothes. In contrast, statues of the Nyorai are typically unadorned and dressed in the simple robe of a monk. This guideline doesn't always work, of course, but in often yields a correct assessment of the deity.

urbanMiroku is not a anime person, although he is in Inuyasha he is cooler as a buddhism deity.

urban1. A character in the anime/manga Inuyasha. He is a Buddhist monk who doesn't exactly follow the Buddhist tradition. He is humorously perverted, hiddenly romantic and tragic/deep. He carries a curse carried down from his grandfather, to his father and finally to him known as the 'Air Void' or 'Kazaana'. It is a hole in his right hand that draws in anything, with wind, it is unleashed at. It was created by Naraku. He will be free of it when Naraku dies. His mission is to kill Naraku, and his loyalties are with Inuyasha, Kagome, Sango and Shippo. He also developes a romance with Sango.

urbanMiroku is a very unfortunate person.

urbanA perverted monk who always asks a woman if she can bare his child. He also always gropes on Sango's ass. And you would hear an echo of Sango slapping him.

urbanSango: Are you okay, Miroku? Eck! Miroku: *groping her ass* *large echo of the slap from Sango* Miroku: Ow!

urbanA pervert, but he's somehow very sweet and unoffending about it (most of the time) besides the fact he looks like a little boy and is mostly the same age as most of the women he "torments". (I hate old perverts >.<) He also allows the women he gropes and asks evil questions to to hit him, instead of running off before they can. I find that makes his character very loveable, because if some random guy came and groped me, I would certainly like a chance to smack him into the dirt. XD He can also be very sweet to Sango, and very understanding. He's usaully polite, and though he's a cheater and steals, as far as I know, he doesn't do it to people who can't afford to be stolen from. Not to mention his Wind Tunnel and his whole story. I find his backround very interesting and unusaul. I also like his fighting style (yeah, whack those bugs!). He also hides so much behind his mask...so it's very fun to try thinking of what happened in his past, and how he feels about the Wind Tunnel and everything, since he never lets us know


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Movies about Miroku:

moviesInuyasha: First Season 2009 NR - Runtime: 11 hrs 15 mins Starring: Noriko Hidaka, Willow Johnson, et al. Directed by: Masashi Ikeda, Yasunao Aoki and Naoya Aoki


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Maitreya, Metteyya, Maithree, Jampa or Di-Lặc, is regarded as a future Buddha of this world in Buddhist eschatology. In some Buddhist literature, such as the Amitabha Sutra and the Lotus Sutra, he is referred to as Ajita Bodhisattva. Maitreya is a...

Miroku Corp.
Business Operation, Organization, Employer

Miroku Corporation is a Japanese firearms manufacturer located in Nankoku, Kochi Prefecture. Their products include shotguns produced for Browning Arms Company and rifles licensed by Winchester Firearms. In European markets, these products are sold...