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urbanMidriff is a coin termed by Douglass Rushkoff of PBS's "Frontline" on an episode entitled "Merchants of Cool." Midriffs are young girls and women(teens-early 20s) whos behavior is a curious mixture of "innocent" and "slutty." Midriff culture is fairly standardized and quite conformist. Their behaviour seems centered around sexuality, narcissism, and complete lack of brains. Rushkoff argued that mass-media replaces teenage individuality with a glorified archetype; midriffs, when referring to females. Hypersexuality and shallowness are often attributed to teenage girls(and something that parents of every generation complain about), so the behavior isn't necissarly new, nonetheless, the notion of Midriff culture being a standardized and conformist patten of behavior rather than youthful exhuberance is scary indeed. Opposide of Midriffs are Mooks; boneheaded morons and drunken fratboys.

urbanBritney Spears was given as an example of a Midriff icon.

urbanThe sexiest part of a Woman's body, between the mons pubis and the breasts, including the naval.

urbanWow, another killer midriff! I can't think of anything else when she shows her midriff!

urbanMidriffs are the norm of teenager's clothing. Teenage girls tend to wear midriff-baring outfits to look sexy, and to attract males.

urbanJessica walked up to her boyfriend Jason, and decided to show off her midriff, thus making Jason feel sexually attracted. He said "I love teen midriffs!" Then, Jessica helped Jason take off all of his clothes, thus making him naked as an elephant. Then, Jason's penis began to sway back and forth and sticks straight up at the sky, thus making it now erect. Jessica then started to touch the erect penis and said "I love erect penises! They're so strong!" And she kissed the snout of the hard-on.


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Anatomical structure

Midriff is the part of the human body between the chest and the pelvis or hips. The term is used in place of the term belly, with its primary external physical feature, the navel; as a synonym for waist; and as a name for the area around the...

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