Songs about Merov:

songsMerov Ahava (Out Of Much Love) by Idit Eshel from the Album Idit Eshel

songsMerov Ahavati by Arkadi Duchin from the Album Arkadi Duchin

songsMerov ahavati by Arkadi Duchin from the Album Merov Ahavati (Greatest Love Songs)

songsMerov Chochma (with Wisdom) by Anan Al Makel from the Album Anan AL Makel

songsMerov Ga'agu'a (From many longings) by Michal Roth from the Album Ad Shyhie Li Tov (Until it'll be good)

songsPanity Merov by Nissim Timsit,David Otmazgin,Moshe Perez,Lior Elmaleh Nissim Shushan from the Album The Supplications - Sacred Liturgical Poems Of The Oriental Jews - Parashat Vayislah - CD8 - Part 2


Books about Merov:

booksMe-rov ahavah: Mivhar shirim (Hebrew Edition) by Dalia Ravikovitch (1998)

booksSpisok merov Detrojta


Wiki information Merov:

Merovingian dynasty
Royal line, Family, Event, Literature Subject

The Merovingians were a Salian Frankish dynasty that ruled the Franks for nearly 300 years in a region known as Francia in Latin, beginning in the middle of the 5th century AD. Their territory largely corresponded to ancient Gaul as well as the Roman...

Military Commander, Deceased Person, Noble person, Person, Monarch, Family member

Merovech is the semi-legendary founder of the Merovingian dynasty of the Salian Franks, which later became the dominant Frankish tribe. He allegedly lived in the first half of the fifth century. His name is a Latinization of a form close to the Old...