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urbanOne of the best Combat Arms players that has ever played. Legend has it that Manneh was created by a boy living in his East Vancouver home named Kevin G. Since the creation he has become one of the most feared gods in all of CA history, becoming only second to a player named "labuda". One time he pulled off a 6 Head shot streak which was part of his Unbelievable ++++. Because of the fact that he wasn't able to conquer "labuda" in a game of 1 vs. 1 (falling short 30-18) he has stopped playing competitively and now plays very relaxed. Other meanings for "Manneh" include "a very cool guy" and a term in which someone owned someone else.

urban1. Random Person: Woah that guy's so pro! CaPlayer561: ZOMG that's the legendary Manneh!!!! 2. Jim: Geez, Tim is so Manneh. Gary: I know, I wish i was that cool. 3. (Bob T-Bag's Bill) Bob: Lol you just got Manneh'd. Bill: Damn you!

urbanA term for THE awesome person: Manneh that owns noobs on a daily basis, owns pros as well. To many people, he is known as a nice elite moderator and one of the top players in the game of Combat Arms. He is known to wreck clan KDRs in many games, as well as overall KDR in pub games or the rooms he hosts. Legend has it that Manneh has beaten eight pros with his trusty G36E in Cold Seed and Two Towers in Elimination Pro. He is constantly bombarded with hackusations such as when he got 6 straight headshots in a row for the Unbelievable ++++ Manneh has now taken a break from competitive play and no longer tries at Combat Arms.

urban1. Nyc: Look at that pro over there! Boss: Dude, thats Manneh! Nyc: He's joining my clan! 2. Elite moderator rage kick. Silent: He just pulled a Manneh there! 3. 4nobject: Good ol' Manneh.

urbanTwo Tower Power Levels, Stacking on Bravo Side. Rage kicks anyone with explosives, even though he could just turn explosives OFF! Regularly Rage quits from games.

urbanYou: Lay down mine Manneh: F5 F5 F5 F5 or Manneh: lay down mines You: wtf?!

urbanA word used to desribe a guy that acts like a dad to other girls. A derivitive of the male nanny


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Kekuta Manneh
Soccer Midfielder, Athlete, Measured person, Football player, Person

Kekuta Manneh is a professional football player for Vancouver Whitecaps FC.

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