Definition funny of Maldras:

urbanMMORPG slang term for emo. Most Maldras commonly deny they're emoness with remarks such as "?!" and "'Kay." Ignore this, they are emo.

urbanEmoperson: WTF THAT ITEM WAS MINE Guy: Dude, stop being a Maldra. Maldra: ?!


Wiki information Maldras:

Noble person, Person, Deceased Person

Maldras was the Suevic King of Galicia from 456 until his death. After the execution of Rechiar by the victorious Visigoths, the Suevi are said to have established Maldras on the throne. During his reign the Suevic nation became fragmented. Maldras...

Noble person, Person, Deceased Person

Frumar was a Suevic warlord who succeeded Maldras, assassinated in February 460, as leader of the Suevic group then raiding Lusitania. He probably competed with Rechimund, the Suevic war leader in Galicia, for the throne until his death. In 460, by...