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booksCpong nghp=e ¦ip=en ta+ vßa cpong nghp=e thpong tin a+ Vip=et Nam : nhu cpßau ¦ipßeu phpGoi s=+ phGat tripaen... by Jan Sturgeon, Tim. ; Vietnam. ; United Nations Industrial Development Organization. ; United Nations Development Programme. Annerstedt (1994)

booksLup=at thupGe chuypaen quypßen sa+ d=ung ¦pGat vßa cGac quy ¦=inh cGo lipen quan = Tax law on transfer of land... by Vietnam. (1996)


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Lipen Glacier
Glacier, Location, Geographical Feature

Lipen Glacier is a 5 km long and 3.5 km wide glacier draining the east slopes of the Trojan Range on Anvers Island in the Palmer Archipelago, Antarctica. Situated east of Iliad Glacier and north of Rhesus Glacier. Flowing northeastwards into the head...

Valentina Lipen
Actor, Person, Film actor

Valentina Lipen is an actress.