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booksLyrisches Album Aus Dem Lahngau

booksDer Lahngau 1623 (German Edition) by Johannes Mechtel and Förderverein Limburger Schloß e.V. (Sep 14, 2005)


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The Lahngau was a medieval territory comprising the middle and lower Lahn River valley in the current German states of Hesse and Rhineland-Palatinate. The traditional names of the Gau are Loganahe Pagus or Pagus Logenensis. The Lahngau was the East...

Gebhard, Count of the Lahngau
Noble person, Deceased Person, Person

Gebhard was a mid-9th-century count in the Lahngau and the first documented ancestor of the dynasty later known as the Conradines. He was a "leading man of the [East] Franks" and a brother-in-law of Ernest, margrave of the Bavarian Nordgau. Gebhard...