Definition funny of Kugel:

urbanAn entirely vile, disgusting sex act involving noodles, dairy products, dead females, and friction. Don't even ask about it.

urbanGuy 1: So, this past weekend, I kugeled this one gi... Guy 2: *VOMIT*

urbanA materialistic, wannabe-sexy Jewish woman who belongs to a specific subculture of wealth and style, with affected mannerisms and a nasal way of talking. The term is used by both Jews and Gentiles in South Africa, and even by kugels themselves.

urban"Hey, doll, if they want to call me a kugel, fine! Most of my gynie's patients are kugels anyway."

urbanA kugel is a special breed of rich middle-aged woman living in Johannesburg. Originally, the word kugel only applied to Jewish women (a kugel a Jewish potato-based dish), but now applies to any spoilt housewife. Very distinctive characteristics of kugels are: A very nasal accent, calling everyone "doll", looking down on people who don't live in the Northern Suburbs, mistreating their housekeepers, spending half their lives talking on a cellphone, intense Botox treatment, wearing leopardskin patterned clothes and driving fancy 4x4s but refusing to take them offroad. They tend to congregate at Sandton City, talk about shoes, nails and other kugels, cheat on their husbands and only tip 5%. A classic stereotypical kugel is Gwen Anderson from the South African comic strip Madam and Eve.

urbanKugel: Like, you know what I'm saying doll, she knows her husbands having an affair with....(25 minutes pass)... anyway, I have to like hang up doll, my nails are almost dry and I have to hurry up to get my hair done... ok doll, mwah bye.

urbanKugel is the name of a jewish casserole dish, made with potatoes or noodles. Often served on holidays.


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Books about Kugel:

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Jewish Dish, Food, Dish

Kugel is a baked pudding or casserole, similar to a pie, most commonly made from egg noodles or potato. It is a traditional Ashkenazi Jewish dish, often served on Shabbat and Yom Tov.

Kugel ball
Sculpture, Artwork

A kugel ball is a sculpture consisting of a large granite ball supported by a very thin film of water. Water flows beneath a very heavy, perfectly spherical rock from a spherical concave base with exactly the same curvature. A kugel ball can weigh...