Definition funny of Kirsteins:

urbanA very special girl. She is the kindest girl you will ever meet, with the greatest wit. She has the beauty of a goddess, and a smile that can shine the brightest light into my soul. Her personality is great… full of kindness, care, free-spirit, perseverance, trust, eagerness, intelligence, courage, confidence, cheer, creativity, generosity, graciousness, humor... perfection. She is someone I would die for. She’s the girl I want to be with someday. She is my soul mate. She is a one of a kind, no other like her, no other better. Her happiness and smiles are worth more than the world to me. Day and night she is always in my head and in my heart. Just the thought of her…her name…her smile… it brings me happiness and warmth in my heart, and takes my breath away. For as long as I live my heart will always be by her side. She makes me smile without me even noticing it. She is a girl that I would do absolutely anything for. She is the light to my soul. She is the strength that keeps me walking. She is the hope that keeps me trusting. She calms and soothes me, keeps me resting. She means more than I ever could want. My feelings for her are so real, my greatest fear is losing her. She is my purpose, she’s everything. And I would give up everything for her because I am madly in love with her.

urbanMike loves Kirstein


Books about Kirsteins:

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