Definition funny of Jooce:

urbanA delicious malt=liguor-guarana-energy-drink with a very high alcohol content.

urban"Drinking Jooce gets me crunk but it makes me feel like a hobo."

urbanNoun: Very strange sticky green liquid that comes out of you while your jooecing. Adjective: Used to describe the color of water that comes out of sewers. Verb: To jooce is to release green or purple liquid from the pouch.

urbanOh no, I just jooced while taking a poop.

urban(noun) A purple, green speckled ooze that is released from you when you overwork your jooece pouch (also known as the sack). (verb) To cleanse your jooece pouch (also known as the sack) so that you can take shits without being in alot of pain. (adjective) Describing something purple, green speckled, and that comes out of your ass.

urban(noun) Oh no! My jooce is leaking out of my ass again! (verb) I bet if i jooce, I won't be constipated. (adjective) That jooce shit is looking very hard today.


Songs about Jooce:

songsJooce by Pteradactyl from the Album 19.99

songsJooces by Dark Network from the Album Schizmatrix

songsJooces by Dark Network from the Album Cog


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Venture Funded Company, Organization, Business Operation, Employer

Jooce is a flash based web application that will allow users to access their digital life no matter where they are in the world. Jooce is your own private online desktop with public file sharing capabilities. It is a highly secure online space to...

Jooce Suwarimbo
Tennis Player, Athlete, Measured person, Person

Jooce Suwarimbo is a former Indonesian tennis player. She is also sometimes referred to as Yoce or Jo Suwarimbo, or Tri Soewarimbo Yolanda. In 1961, she reached the finals in the doubles competition of the Indonesian Championships, partnered by Vonny...