Meaning : Nickname for names starting with JO, God Will Save,

Origin : Hebrew,

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Jo'Siah Expression, Jo'Siah Soul Urge, Jo'Siah Inner Dream


Definition funny of Jo'Siah:

urbanAlways genuine and real, a true friend. He tends to be somewhat of a clown when in the mood and is a talented wordsmith. He is also very competitive and loves the taste of victory. Josiahs' find the right girl and stick with her but don't mind being a player once in a while... he is most compatible with Virgos' and their personalities tend to click. Due to their creativity, many Josiahs' are writers. He is goal oriented and works hard chasing his dreams, a fact much admired by others. Despite this, he loves having fun and will risk any embarrassment for a good laugh. His jokes tend to be corny but people love him anyways. Never has a problem with self-esteem and comes off as confident, masculine and attractive to the people he meets. All in all, Josiahs' are well balanced personalities and a constant source of entertainment to those round them.

urban"Hey, can you introduce me to Josiah?"

urbanJosiah was King of the Jews from 640 BC-609 BC. He became king at the tender age of 8. He brought back the Jewish people to their God. King Josiah was killed after he attacked King Necho which was in opposition to the will of God.

urbanDude did you see that Jew's horns? No he must have had them removed like King Josiah.

urbanSexy bitch, too attractive for his own good, and silver tongued like the fucking devil. The biblical Josiah was King of the Jews, and he got mad hos.

urbanJosiah's got a monster cock, don't make him dick-whip you Jew's in shape.

urbanthe person who you wish you are but know you never can now you just going to turn off your computer and change your name to Josiah because you know its the right thing to do.