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urbanA sexalicious female that is alluring to both sexes. She can draw either sex to her without effort. They are normally docile, friendly, nanchalant, sometimes cheerful, but extremely high maintenance. They are also prone to violent outburts that are brilliant in their aura and frightening in their intensity.

urbanUnlucky Bastard : "Son-of-a-bitch! My back is killing me!" Unlucky Bastard's Friend: "What happened?" Unlucky Bastard: "I was out creeping last night and spotted a Jesna at the bar by herself so I went over to talk to her." Unlucky Bastard's Friend: "Yeah, so? What did she do? Have her boyfriend beat you down?" Unlucky Bastard: "I wish! She lured me outside and then snapped on my ass. She crotch-kicked me, gave me an eye jammie and then smashed me against a dumpster until my spine split like grandma's girdle!"

urbanA Jesna is a sexually appealing female. They can be found in many places throughout the continental United States, but they are most common in areas that serve pilsner brewed beverages. A Jesna of any flavor is a true trophy in the hunt of females. A Jesna with a flaming red mane is considered to be the Holy Grail of the species. To track, take and plunder a redheaded Jesna is considered the pinnacle of manly sexual prowess.

urban"Man, I thought I was going into the Hunting Hall of Fame last weekend." "What happened?" "I captured and tagged what I thought was a hot Jesna, but then I found out it was a Jennifer Lopez in a wig!"


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JESNA is the Jewish federation system’s educational coordinating, planning, and development agency. A national, non-profit agency, it was created in 1981. It closed in 2013.

Jesna Joy
Woman, Person

Jesna Joy is the wife of Stephen Devassy.