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booksScience, Society, and the Search for Life in the Universe by Jakosky, Bruce M. [University of Arizona Press,2006... (Jan 2, 0006)

booksLife in the Universe (03) by Bennett, Jeffrey - Shostak, Seth - Jakosky, Bruce [Paperback (2002)] by Benet (2002)

booksLife in the Universe illustrated edition by Bennett, Jeffrey; Shostak, Seth; Jakosky, Bruce published by Benjamin... (Jul 29, 2002)

booksPatent #2105247 Granted to John Jay Jakosky of Los Angeles, CA. for an Alleged New and Useful Improvements in... by United States Patent Office and Decorative Border W/steel Engraving of Patent Office (1938)


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Bruce Jakosky
Author, Person

Bruce Martin Jakosky has been involved with the Viking, Solar Mesosphere Explorer, Clementine, Mars Observer, Mars Global Surveyor, Mars Odyssey, Mars Science Laboratory and MAVEN spacecraft missions, and is involved in planning future spacecraft...

Jay John Jakosky
Author, Deceased Person, Person