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Yaropolk Izyaslavich
Noble person, Person, Deceased Person

Yaropolk Izyaslavich was a Knyaz during the eleventh-century in the Kievan Rus' kingdom and was the King of Rus. The son of Grand Prince Izyaslav Yaroslavich by a Polish princess named Gertruda, he is visible in papal sources by the early 1070s but...

Mstislav II of Kiev
Noble person, Person, Deceased Person

Mstislav II Izyaslavich, Kniaz' of Pereyaslav, Volodymyr-Volynsky and Velikiy Kniaz of Kiev. Son of Izyaslav Mstislavich, Velikiy Kniaz' of Kiev. Along with his father, he participated in the wars against Yury Dolgoruky and the Chernigov princes....