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booksRoman law in the later Roman Empire : the Isaurian period, eighth century, the Ecloga by Edwin Hanson Freshfield (1932)

booksChronographia, a chronicle of eighth century Byzantium (Sources of Isaurian history) by Theophanes (1982)


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Leo III the Isaurian
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Leo III the Isaurian also known as the Syrian, was Byzantine Emperor from 717 until his death in 741. He put an end to a period of instability, successfully defended the Empire against the invading Umayyads, and forbade the veneration of icons.

Isaurian War

The Isaurian War was a conflict that lasted from 492 to 497 and that was fought between the army of the Eastern Roman Empire and the rebels of Isauria. At the end of the war, Eastern Emperor Anastasius I regained the control of the Isauria region and...