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urbanwhen a group of friends get together to help out another friend who has a problem, like drugs, manic depression, beating his wife, etc. usually involves an informal get-together during which the friends all sit down and talk with the person having problems.

urbanim calling a cookout next saturday for jim, its gonna be his intervention: he's gotta stop doing meth and hurting his children. i will never forget how my friends held an intervention for me and got me off crack. i owe my life to them

urban1. An attempt often by a group of people (typically family and friends) to have someone get professional help or counseling with an addiction. The word intervention is used when a traumatic event involves addiction to drugs, alcohol or other substances. 2. The title of a television show on A&E. You can watch people struggle with their addictions. At the end of the show, the addict is surprised with an intervention by family and friends.

urban1. Ken: Where you headed to man? Anthony: I gotta go home. My Mom and Dad finally decided to have an intervention for my sister and her sex addiction. Ken: Damn! I better call your sister and wake her ass up outta my bed. 2. Shannon: Hey girl! Linda: What's up girl! Shannon: What you doing? Linda: Watching "Intervention". Shannon: Again?! Linda: Hell yeah! This alcoholic-chick is drinkin' mouthwash like kool-aid!

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urban2,100 more Interventions are being deployed tomorrow...

urban(verb) Intervention; Joe wanted to get bombed...so as he lit the joint he said, "I feel like having an intervention." We all laughed.


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