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urbanThe act of stimulating a woman's vaginal orifice with your fingers whiles shes passed out, blacked out, etc. etc. most likely done at parties or other places women are taken advantage of. if caught in the act of an Inacay you will probably be greeted with a slap, kick to the nuts, or sexual harassment lawsuit. Popularized by the wrinkly Dean Inacay

urban" Did you hear that Bobby gave Susie the ol' Inacay?' ' i heard he got three fingers up there before she came to!' " What does he get out of that...?"


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Deceased Person, Person

Inacayal was a cacique of the Tehuelche people in Patagonia, Argentina who led a resistance against government. They were hunter-gatherers who had a nomadic society, and had long been independent of the Argentine government established in coastal...