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urbanThe greatest image site. Full of the all the wonders and magic of the interwebs. Be forewarned, time has been known to quicken in this realm.

urbanI spent half a day on Imgur, and it was the greatest 6 hours of my life.

urbanImgur is a semi-popular internet picture sharing site. The userhood of Imgur is considered much more emotional and understanding than most of the internet, though sometimes people tend to go there and get "karma points" by sharing a pic and claiming they have adopted an abandoned animal or something. Usually Imgur is full of pictures of cute animals, memes, and sometimes you can actually see funny pictures too. Imgur is often used as the photobase of pictures on Reddit.

urbanImgur is a good place to find pictures of cute animals.

urbanIt's like reddit but friendlier, or 9gag but not 9gag because 9gag sucks hairy balls, its like 4chan but not soul eating, its everything you could want in a website and more. Imgur is a great place to spend an afternoon. Also it has a lot of cats...A LOT of cats. imgur.com

urban"Hey man you been on imgur lately?" "Yea dude you see that post about the ____?" "Yea dude, i was laughing for hours!"

urbanReddit's gay little brother. Imgur is a site full of sheltered high moral fags. They worship puppies, cats, and self righteousness among users. They also pride themselves in being "the wittiest people on the internet", which is retarded since things like "+1 for ______" always manage to take the top comment. If you don't know "top comment" is the comment which receives the most upvotes, these little queers would fight to the death for this honour. A little piece of advice if you're going to imgur, don't. If you comment, you better be prepared to be downvoted to hell if your views aren't exactly the same as theirs. Imgur is also full of unoriginal jokes, and overused memes that should've died a long time.


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booksBilder eines Weltreichs: Kunst- und kulturgeschichtliche Untersuchungen zu den Verzierung eines Tores aus Balawat... by Andreas Schachner (Dec 31, 2007)


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Image hosting service Website, Website

Imgur is an online image hosting service founded by Alan Schaaf in 2009 in Athens, Ohio, United States. Imgur describes itself as "the home to the web's most popular image content, curated in real time by a dedicated community through commenting,...

Imgur LLC
Business Operation, Website Owner, Organization

Imgur LLC is the owner of Imgur.com.