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songsUnder the Depth (Hiroyasu Hosoya Remix) by Satour from the Album Initials Ep


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booksHosoya Polynomials of Steiner Distance of Some Graphs: Hosoya Polynomials & Wiener Indices of Graphs by Herish O. Abdullah and Ali A. Ali (May 17, 2011)

booksHosoya Polynomials and Wiener Indices of Distances in Graphs: Wiener Indices & Hosoya Polynomials of graphs by Ahmed M. Ali, Ali A. Ali and Tahir H. Ismail (Jul 7, 2011)

booksHosoya: Webster's Timeline History, 1936 - 2007 by Philip M. Parker (Jun 3, 2008)

booksHosoya Toshio kyoikugaku senshu (Japanese Edition) by Toshio Hosoya

booksTerminal hosoya polynomial of thorn graphs.(Technical report): An article from: Scientia Magna by K.P. Narayankar, S.B. Lokesh, S.S. Shirkol and H.S. Ramane (Sep 9, 2014)

books22 page cover first page size special feature yukata and travel wear "promise of summer". Vol.22 Horie Yui separate... by No reason Hen Representation Author (0010)

booksParenting exciting of 0-5 years Hosoya teacher (2008) ISBN: 409840107X [Japanese Import] by Hosoya Ryota (0010)


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Yoshimasa Hosoya
Voice actor, TV Actor, Musician, Film actor, Person, Musical Artist

Yoshimasa Hosoya is a Japanese voice actor from Hiroshima. He is affiliated with Mausu Promotion. He is also a member of the pop duo MaxBoys along with Toshiki Masuda, a fellow Japanese voice actor.

Hosoya index

The Hosoya index, also known as the Z index, of a graph is the total number of matchings in it. The Hosoya index is always at least one, because the empty set of edges is counted as a matching for this purpose. Equivalently, the Hosoya index is the...