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urbanVerb that expresses the concept that the act of talking about a phenomenon changes the phenomenon. For example, if you see a squirrel come within 5 feet of where you are sitting, and you attempt to alert your companions, the act of alerting them will scare off the squirrel. Taken from Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle, which holds that it is not possible to know with certainty both the position and the momentum of a particle. The act of measuring either variable changes the other.

urbanDude, I would have shown you the squirrel, but I was afraid that I would have heisenberged it.

urbanWhen a member of the female sex shaves everything but her "lips". Much like Heisenberg from Breaking Bad. The perfect receptacle for a Jesse Pinkman.

urbanDude 1: So did you hook up last night? Dude 2: Yeah but her growler had the worst Heisenberg I had ever seen! Dude 1: Shit man! what did you do?! Dude 2: Well I stole my sisters Jesse Pinkman and used that of course! Dude 1: ....

urbanv. To be one-upped in a normally confident situation so badly that the only possible course of action is to accept defeat and walk away.

urban1: "Man the music at this party sucks!" 2: "Yeah well it's my house, if you don't like it you can leave." 3: "Heisenberg that hoe!" Ex: To Heisenberg your mother in law.

urbanThe last great German airship of the 1930's. It crashed because they could say where it was, or how fast it was going, but never both at the same time........ A Physicist's joke, based on a combination of Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle and the German airship Hindenburg.


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Werner Heisenberg
Physicist, Award Winner, Deceased Person, Person, Author, Academic, Influence Node, Person Or Being In Fiction

Werner Karl Heisenberg was a German theoretical physicist and one of the key pioneers of quantum mechanics. He published his work in 1925 in a breakthrough paper. In the subsequent series of papers with Max Born and Pascual Jordan, during the same...

Heisenberg picture

In physics, the Heisenberg picture is a formulation of quantum mechanics in which the operators incorporate a dependency on time, but the state vectors are time-independent, an arbitrary fixed basis rigidly underlying the theory. It stands in...