Definition funny of Hashmeer:

urbanMember of Group X

urbanWhenever you see me, Hashmeer is in trouble. I like to chew gum and I like to blow a bubble. One time I blew, a bubble so big. Inside of the bubble, was a little kid. Little kid come out and he said to me "SHWHAT?" I say get your hands off my hot dog that is something -- can't touch.

urbanA member of Group X, a band that creates funny little songs like Peanuts, and Don't Touch That.

urbanPeanuts: No peanuts makes Hashmeer mad! Don't touch that: Every time you see him, Hashmeer is in trouble.

urbanA most awesome, gum chewing fellow. IE:"You are a kind Hashmeer." A member of Group X...and he didn't steal the freakin beats!

urban"Go Hashmeer go Hashmeer go Hashmeer and the rest can go away....SHWAT!???"

urbanon the rubix cube team


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Hashmeer Shashmeer
Musician, Musician, Person

Hashmeer Shashmeer is a musical artist.