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books[ { IL SIGNORE DEI CORVI (ITALIAN) } ] by Guthorm, Karl (AUTHOR) Oct-24-2012 [ Paperback ] by Karl Guthorm (Oct 24, 2012)


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Guthorm Kavli
Man, Person

Guthorm Kavli was a Norwegian architect and writer. He was born in Trondheim, and took the dr.techn. degree at the Norwegian Institute of Technology in 1967. His doctoral thesis was Trønderske trepaleer, and important books include Norwegian...

Guthormr sindri
Author, Person

Guthormr Sindri is a 10th-century Norwegian skald. He was a court-poet of king Haraldr Fairhair and his sons, Hálfdan the Black and Hákon the Good, for whom he composed the Hákonardrápa. Snorri Sturluson relates how Guthormr intervened between...