Definition funny of Grubber:

urbanGenerally a small grubby boy that resembles a pig both physically and in mannerisms. AKA a 'swinefart' Often found wallowing in their own filth.

urban"you are such mynhart" "ugh! you are swiney little swinefart" "you grubby little grubber"

urbanA person usually from the North of England with few social graces and poor general hygiene. Someone who revels in a maintaining a grubby façade. Usually eats copious amounts of onions.

urbanDoesn't John Prescott own that pig farm? Yeah man, what a Grubber.

urbanVerbe-To Gruber...very horrible bodily fonction,

urbanhe ate some expired ostriche eggs now he is grubering like anything...nastyfull

urbanFag, one who eats the man cock, shampoos his hair with sperm.


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Movies about Grubber:

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Wiki information Grubber:


A grubber was a term sometimes used in Victorian England to describe people who scavenged in drains for a living.

Grubber kick

The Grubber kick is a type of kick in various codes of football with an oval ball which results in the ball moving erratically along the ground. The point of the grubber is to make the ball roll and tumble across the ground, making it hard for the...