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Goth Expression, Goth Soul Urge, Goth Inner Dream


Numerology information Goth:

numerologyName Number: 5 Meaning: Motion, Change, Freedom, Diversity, Liberty, Choice, Interest, Search, Risk, Danger, Fear


Definition funny of Goth:

urbanSomeone who likes the darker side of things. They usually listen to death metal and goth music, such as Dismember and Bauhaus. Marilyn Manson is NOT goth. He's just...weird. Real goths are not depressing and suicidal like the posers you see at Hot Topic. Goths are fun to be around and aren't afraid to laugh at themselves every so often. They don't worship Satan and aren't evil despite what some ignorant people might say. Goths don't all dress alike either. They like to create their own unique style. Goths are also very intelligent and creative. A lot of them are writers and artists. Goths DON'T envy the popular people. They are what they are because it makes them happy. Goths would rather stay who they are and be among the so called "freaks" than be like everyone else and be popular. They understand that there are more important things in life than popularity, and usually succeed in life while the popular ones don't become much of anything. If someone becomes "goth" because they couldn't get any friends or are depressed and angry all the time, they are most likely a poser.

urbanThe goth, that thing that lies at the opposite end of the spectrum of society to the chav. A goth will walk alone where a chav will hide inside his herd and though the goth may take a beating at least that goth was never a coward. A goth will insult only those who have earnt it whereas a chav will insult people for things as shallow as the clothes they are wearing. A goths insult will be witty and cutting, a chavs insult more often than not will consist of the chav making a repulsive noise. A goth will enrich their mind, a chav will watch soaps. In the morning, a goth will ask themselves “what do I want to wear?” whilst a chav will ask themselves “what in this selection of clothes is the most acceptable thing to wear?” A goth will have a friend because they are good for someone, a chav will have a friend because that someone is good for them. A goth approaches new situations with a willingness to think and find the best way forward, a chav will react with aggression to that which it does not already know. A goth will listen to music that is meaningful to their life and thought provoking, a chav will listen to music which will tell him how to behave. Goths have no interest in popularity whatsoever. They think outside the box. People aspire to be popular and dress in certain ways that are ‘in’ with everyone else simply because it has never occurred to them how pointless societies values really are. In truth, there was never any point to any one of us being born. We’re doomed to struggle onwards in our skins, attached to life only by mechanisms put in our minds by evolution never to find any relief and never to find any meaning. We’re just all stuck with it now, together (and yuk to the simply stunning amount of ignorance I have to put up with). Conformity assumes that what another has thought of is better than what you can think of on your own but why is one mind better than another? (the conformist who argues that their own opinion is truth is a hipocrite, a really ridiculous laughable hipocrite) Its not is the truth. I am a goth and I aspire to value my own intuitions as much as I would value anyone elses (as much, not more you fools!) therefore I don’t care if you don’t like me because I DO. I look strikingly different to everybody else, you chavwits think I am attention seeking when in fact I look different because of my total lack of interest in you lot, you lot and that vile sort of dress code that is ‘the norm’. Its not that I want you to notice me, its just that I haven’t bothered to noticed you! I do as I please! But then again, so say the chavs. The difference in effect is that I have a brain. I realise that randomness of behaviour (as in anarchy) is a force of pure destruction without the input of thought. I know what I want for myself, plenty of cash, love, freedom, peace and I know that that’s pretty much what everybody else wants too. Therefore, I treat others as I wish to be treated myself. I would never stand in the way of anothers achievement because if I did how would I deserve to achieve anything of my own? Goths, in my experience (others as well as myself) are thoughtful, intelligent, hard working, kind, honest, well mannered. I have an education and I like when it shows! As a goth, all you various ‘rude’ forms of life make me sick. Goth is what the individuals do- and as for the idea of the wannabe goth these either revert to conformity or evolve.(I mean slipknot/korn fans, as for manson fans I think those who say he isn’t gothic just don’t know enough about him- sure listening to manson WILL NOT make you gothic, but give that poor dark philisophical soul some credit! He’s certainly not gonna un-goth you!) Wannabes are a transitional category but if they are to be acknowledged at all, they are not goths. Goths make the greatest friends. Goths have the unusual ideas. Goths just don’t suffer from the same afflictions of ‘normality’ as you self-mirroring lot- change for once. down with mediocrity.

urbantry the question why are we here? it might get you thinking try focusing on the meaning of things rather than your pre-held assumptions about everything

urbanThere are two definitions 1) a person who likes to dress and act differently to the other people in society, normally in black but some like much brighter colours. They tend to be thinkers and more often than not quite creative. They have a satyrical sense of humour, and are able to laugh at both themselves and other people. This type of goth originated in the late 80's with the "death" of punk; goths back then liked the style and the "protection" it offered and so emulated it in their own style. They listen to and appreciate all sorts of good music. They can be gay/depressed/weird/mentally disturbed, but more often than not they are just normal people. 2) an offshoot of the nu-metal clique who think that to *really* piss off their parents they'll dress all in black and talk about death and suicide whilst listening to Limp Bizkit, Linkin Park and Slipknot because it's "cool". They tend to have very little idea of the other type of goths (or anything else other than themselves for that matter) and will probably change their fashion once it becomes "uncool" again. Thank god.

urban1) I like this kind of goth and aspire to it. 2) I am not a "goth".

urban1) A germanic tribe who invaded the late roman empire along with the vandals, visi goths etc and actually became more civilized afterwards. 2) An building style used in medieval times and later in victorian times. 2) A literature style of which Dracula and ther supernateral horrors were written in. 3) A music genre that came about in the 80's as an of shoot of punk. 4) A subculture of people who originally listened to Goth music. Now has increased to fit Industrial and Black/Death metal followers. Goths are typically seen as morbid, wearing black clothes almost all of the time, and wearing make up regardless of sex. Also seen to be more open minded to other cultures, sexualities etc. 5) Prententious people who listen to Nu metal who think they are goths but really teenagers who know nothing of music.


Songs about Goth:

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Books about Goth:

booksThe Goths by Peter Heather (Jun 8, 1998)

booksGoth Girl Rising by Barry Lyga (Jan 17, 2011)

booksGOTH A Novel of Horror by Otsuichi (Oct 14, 2008)

booksGoths, Gamers, & Grrrls: Deviance and Youth Subcultures by Ross Haenfler (Jun 29, 2012)

booksGoth Craft: The Magickal Side of Dark Culture by Raven Digitalis (Sep 8, 2007)

booksThe World's Greatest Civilizations: The History of the Goths by Charles River Editors (Jul 31, 2014)

booksThe Story of the Goths (Illustrated) by Henry Bradley (Jul 30, 2013)


Movies about Goth:

moviesGoth Vampire Nation 2010 NR - Runtime: 1 hr 41 mins Directed by: Jack Foster

moviesGothic Bellydance: Raks Gothique. Poetic visions born of the Goth subculture, its music, imagery, and fashion,... 2013 NR - Runtime: 1 hr 24 mins Starring: Ariellah, Asharah, Ayshe and Blanca Directed by: World Dance New York

moviesTerry Jones' Barbarians 2008 Unrated - Runtime: 3 hrs 25 mins Starring: Terry Jones

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moviesBilly the Exterminator: Season 1 2009 NR - Runtime: 4 hrs 46 mins Starring: Billy Bretherton Directed by: A&E Home Video

moviesGoth 2008 NR - Runtime: 1 hr 26 mins Directed by: Brad Sykes

moviesGoth 2003 R - Runtime: 1 hr 25 mins Starring: Phoebe Dollar, Laura Reilly, Dave Stann, et al. Directed by: Brad Sykes


Wiki information Goth:

Goth subculture
Literature Subject

The goth subculture is a contemporary subculture found in many countries. It began in England during the early 1980s in the gothic rock scene, an offshoot of the post-punk genre. The goth subculture has survived much longer than others of the same...

Gothic rock
Musical genre

Gothic rock is a musical subgenre of post-punk and alternative rock that formed during the late 1970s. Gothic rock bands grew from the strong ties they had to the English punk rock and emerging post-punk scenes. According to both Pitchfork and NME,...


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