Definition funny of Gorsh:

urbanWhen someone is really excited and can't contain himself. A way cooler word than "wow" or "awesome"

urbanGorsh! Those glasses look great!

urbanThe sound made by a particularly large and forceful ejaculation, akin to someone squirting out mayonnaise from a farty ketchup bottle. Typically it's employed to emphasize the sheer grossness of said sound.

urban"Man, last night my roommate was lubing his crankshaft and I could hear the gorsh from across the room." "Last night she gave me the most awesome blowjob. I totally gorshed all over her face."

urbanA gorsh is a large ammount of frilly hair on your head, someone with a gorsh is usually named GORSHYYYY or Gorshy gorshy goo.

urbanLookit that gorsh on her head!!


Wiki information Gorsh:

Frank Gorshin
Actor, TV Personality, Musical Artist, TV Actor, Theater Actor, Military Person, Deceased Person, Person, Award Nominee, Award Winner

Frank John Gorshin, Jr. was an American character actor and comedian. He was perhaps best known as an impressionist, with many guest appearances on The Ed Sullivan Show and Tonight Starring Steve Allen. His most famous acting role was as The Riddler...

Mikhail Gorsheniov
Folk rock Artist, Lyricist, Person, Deceased Person, Musician, Composer, Musical Artist

Mikhail "The Pot" Gorsheniov was a lead singer and composer of Russian horror punk/hard rock band Korol i Shut.