Books about Golovnin:

booksGolovnin by Davydov Yu. (1968)

booksThe Wreck of the Neva As Narrated in the Description of the Unfortunate Shipwreck of the Frigate Neva of the Russian-American... (1979)

booksGolovnin: [Golovnin: ] by Iu. V. (Iurii Vladimirovich) Davydov (Jan 1, 1968)

booksVoyage de M. Golovnin, Capitaine de Vaisseau de La Marine Imp Riale de Russie, Contenant Le R Cit de Sa Captivit... by Vasilii Mikhailovich Golovnin (Oct 25, 2012)

booksVoyage De M. Golovnin V2 (1818) (French Edition) by Jean Baptiste Benoit Eyries (Sep 10, 2010)

booksFrom Limb to Limb: An Analysis of Postcranial Measurements in Prehistoric and Protohistoric Inuit Populations... by Sarah M Yeats (Jul 17, 2012)

booksNarrative Of My Captivity In Japan V2: During The Years 1811, 1812, And 1813, With Observations On The Country... (Sep 10, 2010)