Definition funny of Ewalt:

urbanAn Ewalt is a massive mooch with an incredibly large ego, but a very tiny penis.

urbanDid Jose pay you back for the movie? No man, he's such an ewalt.

urbana skinny white mammal known for mooching everything from every-fucking-one. If you have any soda or cinamon toast or anything sugary, hide it quick before he eats it. An ewalt is also known for never carrying money and never ever paying people back. Ewalts are known to consume over 8 sodas in one sitting without any adverse effects. Side note, ewalts have HUGE egos... and are sore losers, known to cry if beaten in risk. Also known to drum uncrontalably upon any availabe surface, especialy when listening to the red hot chili peppers.

urban"before that ewalt came overme by i had lots of soda." "Ewalt owes me money from 5th grade baseball bets" "that ewalt ruined the song with his infernal drumming."

urbanAn astoundingly good looking blonde male with a huge ego. His huge ego is due to his equally huge penis and his skill in both picking women up and consequently having sex with them.

urban"Why is Justin Timberlake such an Ewalt?" "Well I've heard he's got a 9-inch dick." "Oh that makes sense."


Books about Ewalt:

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David M. Ewalt
Journalist, Person

David M. Ewalt is an American journalist. He is currently deputy editor of special projects at Forbes. Prior to joining Forbes he worked at Newsday, InformationWeek and The Stony Brook Press.

Maximilienne Ewalt
Actor, Film actor, Person

Maximilienne Ewalt is an actress.