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urbanType of Christianity that places authority in the Bible as the infallible word of God. This does not necessarily mean a literal interpretation of everything in the Bible (cf. creationism). Not to be confused with evangelism, which means something entirely different.

urbanNo-one knows what evangelical means.

urbanA generalization of multiple groups of Protestant Christianity. It's not actually a denomination, but a category that churches of many denominations fall under, ranging from some baptist churches in the south to non-denominational churches in the north and along the coastline. Using that criteria, the majority of protestant Christians in the US probably fall under the "Evangelical" category. Despite popular belief, they are real, tangible people, who are just as capable of being discriminated against as the people who they are frequently (and usually, falsely) accused of being discriminated against. An Evangelical Christian is best characterized as someone who wants to spread the Gospel of Christ by being living examples to the people around them. Real Evangelicals do not believe in forcing people who are not Christians to act like Christians, because they believe that Christ his followers to only come of their own free will. Evangelical Christians should NOT be confused with "fundamentalists," a term that has come to mean someone who is far more mental than fun. Evangelicals tend to believe in more literal interpretations of the bible, but that does not mean that they are against scientific study or using critical thinking (after all, how can you understand how the Bible applies to your life without critical thinking?). Also, they do not want religion to control the government, because as Martin Luther figured out during the dark ages, religion controlling government is actually a cheap disguise for the government controlling religion. True Evangelicals want freedom of religion, and that includes the freedom to share the gospel with others. Evangelical Christians are a large, and unfortunately, misunderstood part of the global population. They are constantly stereotyped as being hateful, bigoted people, even though many of them have done many great works for bringing rights to people and sending help to places. Evangelicals want to change their communities for the better by changing the people, one person at a time. Maybe if people came to realize that the large majority of Evangelical Christians are actually legitimately nice people who enjoy life and are happy to share their happiness with others, they'd realize that the mainstream perception of "evangelical" is merely an aggressively propagated stereotype that aims to strip Christians of their legitimacy as human beings.

urbanBrainwashed simpleton: "Evangelicals are all idiot rednecks who think that Dinosaurs are a hoax and they want to kill everyone who doesn't go to their church and destroy America!" Evangelical Christian: "I'm an Evangelical Christian. I am from the New England coastline. My dad is a scientist. I do not believe the people go to hell for being in different church denominations, which includes Catholicism and Orthodox. I lean libertarian in my voting, and do not want the state to control religion. I believe in the protection, safety, and rights of all people, and that it's my mandate to share God's Word with them, if they are willing.

urbanComes from the word 'evangelism', which means spreading the good news about jesus christ. So inturn evangelical is living your life in the way that god wants you to, so that others may see you and see how god has worked in your life. It is not a way of forcing a religion on someone. It can also mean to speak to people about jesus.

urban"To believe in jesus christ is a choice and it can not be forced on anyone." Don't try and force god on someone, pray, let god sow the seeds and just be a mate!

urbanA sect of christianity that is full of mindless, brainwashed followers who spend their entire life in misery when they aren't spreading the gospel. The whole sect is full of middle class/rich white folks who want to go to church to be entertained by crying, hysterical preachers and find new prejudices to be in support of. They believe that their religion is the only way of life and refuse to accept any other ways. There is no 'conversation' with evangelicals...they only convert. BEWARE.


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Evangelicalism is a world-wide Protestant movement maintaining that the essence of the gospel consists in the doctrine of salvation by faith in Jesus Christ's atonement. The movement gained great momentum in the 18th and 19th centuries with the...

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Evangelism is the preaching of the Christian Gospel or the practice of relaying information about a particular set of beliefs to others with the intention of conversion. The term is not restricted to any particular Christian tradition, and should not...