Books about Dusadh:

booksDusadhs, are they the Gehlote Rajputs? by Devendradatta Saneheesingh Chaman (1981)

booksPhysical anthropological studies on Mundas, Oraons, and Dusadhs of Bihsar by P. Dash. Sharma (1978)

booksPhysical anthropological studies on Mundas, Oraons and Dusadhs of Bihar by P Dash Sharma (1978)


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The Dusadh or Paswan is a Hindu community generally found in the states of Northern India and few parts of Eastern India and Nepal, a country bordering India There is also a significant migrant population of Dusadh in Mauritius,[3] Suriname, Trinidad...

H. L. Dusadh

H. L. Dusadh is an Indian writer and founder of the Bahujan Diversity Mission. He has written more than 55 books on Bahujan diversity in India.