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Dumnagual III of Alt Clut
Noble person, Person, Deceased Person

Dumnagual III was a king of Strathclyde in the mid-eighth century. According to the Harleian genealogies, he was the son of Teudebur, one of his predecessors. According to Symeon of Durham, his kingdom was invaded by both King Ă“engus of the Picts and...

Dumnagual II of Alt Clut
Noble person, Deceased Person, Person

Donald II was a ruler of Strathclyde, for some time in the late seventh century. He is known only from his death notice in the Irish annals. The Annals of Ulster, under the year 694, has Domnall m. Auin, rex Alo Cluathe, moritur. Dumnagual is the Old...