Definition funny of Dorph:

urbanA massive annoying pain in the ass. With any of the following attributes; -Chews loud -Massive hips -Two faced -Irrationally rude and pleased about it -Droopy Faced -Smart in school, otherwise stupidest person you'll ever meet -Makes you want to like... do unmentionable things to babies -Begs to hear what you're talking about, doesn't listen, then begs to hear what you said -Or just pretends not to hear things -Ugly as hell -Extremely judgmental of other peoples looks ( though ugly ) -Hypocritical -Talks worse about her bestfriends than her enemies -Emotional Wreck - All around horrible friend and horrible person and horrible to look at

urban"Hey, could you throw this in the garbage with your stuff?" "No. :)" "Wtf, why?" * goes throws her stuff in garbage and pretends not to hear * "Fucking Dorph" "...So I said 'no, she was wearing pink' and he was like-" "Hmm? What are you talking about?" "Oh ahah nothing, I was just talking to-" "I know but what were you talking about, who was wearing pink?" "Oh, it was nothing." "No, tell me." "Ughhh, god. I think Amanda was wearing pink at the party but Sharon thinks her dress was more of a red. Happy?" "Wait what? Sorry, I wasn't listening. Say it again." "You're such a Dorph." "Huh? What?"

urbansomeone who thinks they are cool but everybody hates them

urbanlook at brett gambrell... what a dorph

urbanA person or thing, who likes to have a redorphuous time, while doing redorphulous things.

urbanOMG, emma acted like such a dorph last night when she ran around palace green naked.


Songs about Dorph:

songsQivittoq Song after Jakob Dorph by Trio Gaman from the Album Early & Late


Books about Dorph:

booksReise I Graekenland I Aarene 1810-1813, Udg. Af N.b. Dorph, Volume 1... - Primary Source Edition (Danish Edition... by Peter Oluf Brøndsted (Nov 2, 2013)

booksUddrag af P.O. Brøndsteds reise-dagbøger, samlet og udgivet af N.V. Dorph (Danish Edition) by N 1783-1858 Dorph and P O. 1780-1842 Brøndsted (Sep 15, 2011)

booksKongespejlet I Uddrag: Oversat AF Chr. Dorph... (Danish Edition) by Folkeskriftselskabet (Denmark) and Selskab F. R. Udgivelse Af Danske Folkes (Jan 20, 2012)

booksReise I Graekenland I Aarene 1810-1813, Udg. Af N.b. Dorph, Volume 1... (Danish Edition) by Peter Oluf Brøndsted (Feb 21, 2012)

booksTombeau D'Orph?e; Le Domaine Public; Temps Fous; D?livrez-Nous Du Mal (4 Volumes in Slipcase) by Pierre / Pierre Seghers / J. M. A. Paroutaud / Loys Masson Emmanuel (Jan 1, 1946)

books**REPRINT** Uddrag af P.O. Brndsteds reise-dagbger, samlet og udgivet af N.V. Dorph by Brndsted. P. O. (Peter Oluf). 1780-1842 ***NOTE: THIS IS A "PRINT ON DEMAND" VERSION FROM THE ORIGINAL BOOK*** (1850)

books**REPRINT** La l?gende d'Orph?e et le drame musical by Hubens. Arthur ***NOTE: THIS IS A "PRINT ON DEMAND" VERSION FROM THE ORIGINAL BOOK*** (1910)


Wiki information Dorph:

Christian Dorph
Writer, Person

Christian Dorph is a Danish author. He has written several collections of poems as well as crime fiction. In 1988, Christian Dorph was admitted at the Forfatterskolen in Copenhagen. He has studied Danish literature at the Aarhus University, and today...

Anton Dorph
Deceased Person, Person

Anton Laurids Johannes Dorph, usually known as Anton Dorph was a Danish painter who is remembered for his altarpieces and his paintings of fishermen.