Definition funny of Dexing:

urbanTo consume large amounts of over the counter cough syrup. Most Specifically Robotussin Cough and Cold Maxium Strength. It is named after the main active ingrediant (Dextromethorphan Hydrobromide) which makes you "Trip Balls". To be Dexed it is recommended to consume between 700-1600 mg otherwise your just a pussy.

urbanMe and Sally were dexing behind the gym, she bought DM brand and we threw up all day in class

urbanTo consume so much DXM that you can no longer move comfortably. When you're dexing you usually can't feel your body or your visions will be completely double, or both.

urbanI've only been dexing a few times but every time I have, it's made almost no sense. Once, my room felt like the size of a shoe box. Another time I went blind for a few seconds. The last time i went dexing, I went to the Rennaisance fair and thought I had traveled up a mountain and back in time when I was really just in a parking lot.

urbanTerm for being high on Dextromethorphan. Dexing on high enough doses (600-1000mg) is an easy way to leave this planet for awhile. Dexing in the dark helps in achieving this effect. Much lower doses (250-500) will make for a much lighter, more euphoric social high.

urbanDexing is fun! i once fell into space while dexing!

urban(Verb) - to abandon your friends in order to do secretive things in a secretive life. May cause confusion, irritation, and annoyance to those who love you most.


Books about Dexing:

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Wiki information Dexing:

Dexing, Jiangxi
City/Town/Village, Location, Statistical region, Dated location

Dexing is a city in the province of Jiangxi, China. It is a county-level city under the jurisdiction of the prefecture-level city of Shangrao.

Statistical region, Location

Dexing is a village in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China near the border with India. It lies at an altitude of 1899 metres. The village has a population of about 210 people.