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urban(a) an adjective with a generally positive connotation. Used in various ways, as it does not have any inherent meaning. Often used in conjunction with the word "savage". Though it is a positive word, "too davage" or "a bit too davage" have rather negative connotations. (b) a noun used to indicate a person who has outstanding or amazing physical or emotional features.

urban1. Your hair looks quite davage today. 2. That rainbow colored polo shirt is a bit too davage.(Negative) 3. Most triumphant is another davage way to describe positive things. 4. Davage! (Translation: Cool, Sweet, Nice, Awesome, Rad, Triumphant, etc.) 5. That davage(n.) always talks in third person. Origin::: The exact origin of the word davage is unknown, though it is thought to have been created around the year 2000 in the city of Escondido, California. It is a combination of the words "damage" and "savage". This word has grown in popularity throughout Southern California and has spread to certain locations in the state of Utah, as well.


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booksDoc Davage: "Curse of the Fire God" Vol. 1 #4 1995 (Volume 1) by Steve Vance and Pat Broderick (1995)

booksDoc Davage: "Curse of the Fire God" Vol. 1 #'s 1-4 Complete Mini-series, 1995 (Volume 1) by Steve Vance, Pat Broderick and Tom Simmons (1995)


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Davage Thomas
Musician, Person

Sam Davage
Musical Artist


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