Definition funny of Cubie:

urbanThose who share your work cubicle or cube. Derived from homie.

urbanDon't mess with my cubies, man.

urbanA girl who is below a 4 on a scale of 1~10, but has a kick ass personality that more than makes up for her physical looks. Kind of like a Gamecube. It looked like shit, but actually had some pretty good games.

urbanMax: Hey, Sora, how did your blind date go? Sora: Well, she wasn't very good looking, but damn she had a great personality; She was a total Cubie.

urbanA person you share a cubicle with. You do not necessarily like the person, but since you are so close to them they are a cubie.

urban“Lay off my cubie man, he is having a bad day”.

urbanThe person with whom you share a cubicle at work


Books about Cubie:

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Wiki information Cubie:

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Cat Cubie is a Scottish television weather presenter who deputised when Reporting Scotland regular meteorologists were on maternity leave. Cubie was born in Scotland to Heather and Andrew Cubie and grew up in Edinburgh, attending George Watson's...

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