Definition funny of Crake:

urbanword meaning crazy as a mother fucker!!! word originated in the midwest and is seldomly heard anywhere else!

urbanSeth: damn that bitch is crake!!! Brad: I know... u should see her in bed! Ryan:That movie was awesome! Alex: yea it wuz crake!!!

urban- The extra weed bits that fall on your crotch when you are preparing your smoking divice. It is a combination of the words crotch and shake.

urbanDamn son, all that crake we can roll a J.

urban1. An adjective used to describe something inadequate or shoddy. Often most effective when it is said in an exaggerated voice, for instance rolling the R. 2. An exclamation appropriate when one has just realised that one has done something silly/stupid.

urban1. "Man, that film was crake." 2."Aw, CRRRRRAKE!! I locked my keys in the car!"


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Wiki information Crake:

Corn crake
Biological Species, Organism Classification

The corn crake, corncrake or landrail is a bird in the rail family. It breeds in Europe and Asia as far east as western China, and migrates to Africa for the northern hemisphere's winter. It is a medium-sized crake with buff- or grey-streaked...

Biological Family, Organism Classification

The rails, or Rallidae, are a large cosmopolitan family of small- to medium-sized birds. The family exhibits considerable diversity and also includes the crakes, coots, and gallinules. Many species are associated with wetlands, although the family is...