Definition funny of Cobrasnake:

urbanseemingly well-connected hipster photographer who posts his digital images on a website.

urban"what ever happend to james iha?" "Oh, i saw him on thecobrasnake.com"

urbannoun (perjorative): vain, vacant Angelino pretender/barfly, of the type documented at cobrasnake.com.

urbanJosie: What'd you do last night? Joe: I went to see Orthrelm at the smell, but left early because it was overrun with cobrasnake cokewhores talking on their cell phones. Josie: Sounds like Spaceland! I didn't go once I saw that the show was being publicized by LA Weekly, KCRW, Flavorpill and Pitchfork. Joe: I'm never leaving my apartment again.


Wiki information Cobrasnake:

Celebrity, Person or entity appearing in film, Person, Visual Artist, Measured person

Kitsune X The Cobrasnake
Gramophone record Musical Release, Musical Release