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books(Friend living series of housewife) "Chisaka formula diet" to create a strong force blood ISBN: 4072460435 (2005... by unknown (1000)


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Chisaka Takafusa
Deceased Person, Person

Chisaka Takafusa was a high-ranking samurai in Japan during the Edo period. He was a karō in the Yonezawa Domain under the Uesugi clan. He is also known as Chisaka Hyōbu. Although he died prior to the events of the Forty-seven ronin, he appears in...

Chisaka Takamasa
Samurai, Deceased Person, Person

Chisaka Takamasa was a Japanese samurai of the late Edo period who went on to become a soldier, government official, and businessman in the Meiji era. He served as a karō in the Yonezawa Domain's administration.