Definition funny of Chipan:

urbanIs it a japanese/chinese/asian origin Abbreivated to Chi Pan

urbanPerson1 "Look at japanese tourists taking pics of Big Ben" Person2 "They all just a bunch off Chi Pans"

urbanA combination of "China" and "Japan," used to refer to the East Asia region. It is generally said in a smug tone, owing to its implication that the geography and culture distinguishing one Asian country from another is knowledge not worth knowing.

urbanHey man, do you want to go for sushi tonight? Naw, I hate chipanese food.


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Qifu Chipan
Deceased Person, Person

Qifu Chipan, formally Prince Wenzhao of Qin, was a prince of the Xianbei state Western Qin. During his reign, Western Qin reached its prime after he destroyed and seized the territory of the rival state Southern Liang in 414, but it then began a...


Chipangali Wildlife Orphanage is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to the rescue and care of orphaned, injured, abandoned, abused or confiscated wild animals in southern Africa. It is located in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.


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