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urbanIt is an adjective that means small and/or miniature in a good or cute way. Normally used to describe (young) people or animals, and is endearing. This word, along with kawaii and several other Japanese words, have been taken by America's "Wapanese" who have gone overboard in accentuating their English speech with Japanese words. "Chibi" was probably first introduced to the West through anime, and probably from the name of Sailor Chibimoon, in Sailor Moon. Synonym: chiisai Antonym: ooki

urbanAa anata wa mada chibi kodomo da na, atoato kitto seijin ni naru yo

urban1) A Japanese word meaning "short" or "midget." The word chibi is often taken offensively when directed toward a person. Japanese equivalent of "shrimp" or "shortcake." (language/culture) 2) A term used by anime/manga fans to referr to small and detailless characters. "Chibi" characters are often used to represent a form of cuteness. It can also be used to indicate small characters (like Chibi-Usagi/Sailor Chibi Moon in Sailor Moon). (anime/manga)

urban1) What're you going to do about it, chibi? 2) That chibi character is cute

urbanSmaller form of any existing character, meant to look cute. Usually has irregular proportions, with a big head and tiny limbs.

urbanChibi Raijouta looks sooooo cute!

urbanA Japanese word that is often used as a put-down in its original context, being roughly equivalent in meaning to "shrimp," "runt," "squirt," "dwarf," "midget," or "small-fry." In slang, however, it occasionally takes on aspects of cuteness, particularly when the individual in question is young, female, and already considered "cute" by the speaker. It can also be used as shorthand for a drawing style of Japanese origin more properly known as super deformed (SD). Its usage in English (or rather, Japanglish) ignores the word's derogatory context, and focuses on the "cute" meaning as it often appears in anime and manga, and its exclusive usage in this context is a good sign that the speaker does not, in fact, know how to speak Japanese.


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TV Character, Fictional Character

Chibi is a fictional chracter trom the 2004 tv series Dragon Drive.

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