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urbanCheshire is a rich town in CT. Half of cheshire is owned by the Bowmans, a overly-rich family who isnt afraid to show off their money. In total, there might be 4 black families in cheshire, who make more money than the rich white families. Almost everyone in CHS smokes weed, and drives some kind of expensive car. Cheshire does have some nice parties though, and most people arent greedy with their bud, so over all cheshires alright.

urbanCheshire Black kid: Hey, my parents made 1.2 million this year, how much did yours make? cheshire White kid: around 700,000. Hamden kid: uhh.......mine only made 60,000. Cheshire kids: thats ok, you can come with us, were gonna buy lots of bud with our parents money Hamden kid: Cheshire kids own!!!

urban(n): 1. One who mimics others for social attention or personal benfit 2. One who is deceitful in their use of style theft from another individual for sake of social attention or benefit 3. One who robs ideas from another to further themself in social ranking and/or status 4. a social parasite

urban"{persona} said that exact same thing only two minutes ago, and now {personb} is already recycling it?" "I know, he's such a cheshire." "No one is ever going to like you if you continue to be a cheshire."

urbanContrary to other definitions, Cheshire is in fact a well-heeled and well-to-do county in the North(ish) of England. It is where people own Range Rovers, cows and occasionally large expanses of land. Also home to many Manchester United footballers.

urban"Cripes! Look how flat it is and how many cows there are. We must be in Cheshire."

urbanYes it is a wealthy town in Connecticut, but nothing compared to fairfield county. Contrary to what most believe, most residents do no flaunt there money, but some do. There are plenty of large expensive homes, but there are alot of small, medium sized homes. Many people do, in fact, have second homes (the cape, vineyard, vermont, florida) and many vacation any chance they get. But you have to understand that this is not the case for everyone in town. The stereotypical cheshire kid is polo popping and has a nice car, but again, its not everyone. College is big...very big. A schools reputation goes a long way in this town. Ivies and mini-ivies are common, but a ton of kids go to uconn. 98% of CHS students go on to college.Schools in town are very competitive, if u have a B average (3.0gpa) you almost always in the bottom half of your class.Parties are also a big thing because theres nothing else to do. BMWs, Mercedes, Lexus, Land Rovers, and so on are not uncommon, but there are plenty of chevys, fords, and jeeps.Snobbery is something you have to get used to, but not everyone is a stuck up. My point is is that cheshire is not filthy rich. There are plenty of average familys who work hard and live modestly. Its a great town.If you wanna see rich go to fairfield county.


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