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numerologyName Number: 6 Meaning: Home, Family, Love, Balance, Harmony, Help, Warmth, Social justice


Definition funny of Cells:

urbann. an abbreviation for 'cellular phone.' v. the act of calling someone else's cellular phone.

urbann. "My dad wants to use the phone, call my cell so we can keep talking." v. "I'm not here at the moment, cell if you need me."

urban*Another term for a prisoner's room. *A term to refer to a militious group (such as a terrorist group). *A quick term for a cellphone, as displayed, as an example, in the first episode of the current TMNT series; the "shellcell". *The name of a powerful villian in Dragonball Z, able to create duplicates of his genetic code, all of which are capable of learning, and thus creating an almost immortal, self-aware foe. The only way to stop him is to fry his ENTIRE body.

urban"Hey, don't lookit me like that! I don't watch DBZ anymore! I already saw every episode. The final episode kinda sucked too." -me

urbanCell is a fictional villian and fighter in the popular anime series Dragonball Z. His only purpose is to absorb and kill other fighters, thereby gaining their strength. As an android built from the cells of the greatest fighters in the universe, he is able to use even their most powerful fighting techniques, though it is unknown if he can use the Wolf-Fang Fist.

urbanCell has crossed me for the last time, he has tricked me in battle, mocked my saiyan ancestry, but this...this time he's gone too far! He will pay the ultimate price for what he has done to my son...AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!! CELL!!!!!

urbanOne of the major villains from the dragonball universe. He was created by Dr. Gero (later dubbed android 20), and was created to incorporate all the cells of the best fighters in the universe. By weaving all their cells together from each fighter, he is able to inherit their abilities and fighting techniques. Like Frieza, he has the ability to survive anywhere, like Piccolo, he can regenerate his anatomy if his core is not damaged (in his case, one cell is enough to regenerate from), Vegeta's fighting genius, and attitude, Goku's natural aptitude for fighting, and the young but powerful Gohan. Cell cannot reach his full potential until he absorbs Android 17 and Android 18. Once he does, they are permanently integrated into his design, giving him great power. Once he absorbs them, even if he loses android 17 or 18's body, he is still able to retain his perfect power (prior to exploding) after blowing himself up, leaving one cell he can regenerate from, and giving him a zenkai increase, making his power substantially greater, enough to kill Future Trunks with one blow, and power that rivals that of Super Saiyan 2 Gohan.


Songs about Cells:

songsCell Block Tango (Album Version) by Catherine Zeta-Jones;Susan Misner;Deidre Goodwin;Denise Faye;Ekaterina Chtchelkanova;Mya Harrison;Taye Diggs from the Album Chicago - Music From The Miramax Motion Picture

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Books about Cells:

booksCell by Robin Cook (Feb 4, 2014)

booksThe Cell by Simone West (Jun 3, 2014)

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booksCells, Gels and the Engines of Life by Gerald H. Pollack (Mar 10, 2001)


Movies about Cells:

moviesThe Cell 2011 R CC - Runtime: 1 hr 48 mins Starring: Jennifer Lopez, Vince Vaughn, et al. Directed by: Tarsem Singh

moviesCell 213 [HD] 2014 R CC - Runtime: 1 hr 49 mins Starring: Eric Balfour, Deborah Valente, et al. Directed by: Stephen Kay

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moviesDragon Ball Z: Season 4 2008 Unrated - Runtime: 12 hrs 15 mins Starring: Miyoko Aoba, John Burgmeier, et al. Directed by: Daisuke Nishio


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Anatomical structure

The cell is the basic structural, functional, and biological unit of all known living organisms. Cells are the smallest unit of life that can replicate independently, and are often called the "building blocks of life". The study of cells is called...

T helper cell
Anatomical structure

The T helper cells are a type of T cell that play an important role in the immune system, particularly in the adaptive immune system. They help the activity of other immune cells by releasing T cell cytokines. These cells help, suppress or regulate...


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