Books about Canutus:

booksArrival and Weight Gain of Red Knot Calidris Canutus, Ruddy Turnstone Arenaria Interpres and Sanderling Calidris... by R.A. Robinson, P.W. Atkinson and N.A. Clark (Mar 1, 2003)

booksStatus of the Red Knot (Calidris Canutus Rufa) in the Western Hemisphere (2008)

booksThe Migration of Red Knots Calidris Canutus Rufa and Turnstone Arenaria Interpres Passing Through Delaware Bay... by Nigel A. Clark, Phil W. Atkinson, Jacquie A. Clark and Simon Gillings (Jul 20, 2012)

booksRed Knots Calidris Canutus in Delaware Bay 2002: Survival, Foraging and Marking Strategy by P.W. Atkinson (Mar 1, 2003)

booksA Preliminary Analysis of the Survival Rates of Red Knots Calidris Canutus Rufa Passing Through the State of Delaware... by Philip W. Atkinson, Ian G. Henderson and Nigel A. Clark (Apr 1, 2005)


Wiki information Canutus:

Canutus Hahn
Deceased Person, Person

Canutus Hahn was a Swedish clergyman who served as bishop of Lund 1680-1687. Hahn was born on 13 November 1633 in Skye in Uråsa parish, son of a farmer Abraham Knutsson Hahn. He went to school in Kalmar and Växjö, enrolled at the universities of...

Ectoedemia canutus
Organism Classification

The Balsam Poplar Petiole Miner is a moth of the Nepticulidae family. It is found in North America. The larvae have been recorded on Populus sect. Tacamahaca.