Definition funny of Bunchy:

urbanA strange thing that seems to be half slug, half llama, and half biggin. It originated from a gif image. It prances along smiling in an unnerving fashion. Some people call it Kelet, after a person who posted an image of it in some forum, but its proper name is Bunchies. The official site is at www.wildpixels.com/bunchies.

urban"Look at Bunchies go!"

urbanA wonderful, many-chinned pickle-llama hybrid that loosely resembles a seafoam-green dildo. Bunchies enjoys frolicking in swamps and galloping through open fields of pickle-trees. Bunchies' large, shiny, black eyes and perpetually opened mouth allude to the inaudible "RAWR" that we all know Bunchies secretly emits.

urbanHey look over there in that swamp! There's a delicious Bunchies frolicking over the hillside.

urbancranky; pissy; to have your "panties in a bunch"

urbanHave you not had your coffee yet? You're so bunchy.

urban1. A beast munchkin cat or the similar. In this case munchkin cat is symbolic for something or someone that is tiny and nice. A beast munchkin cat is exactly that, while simultaneously remaining a beast.


Songs about Bunchy:

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Books about Bunchy:

booksBunchy by Joyce Lankester Brisley (2005)

booksBunchies by Nancy Smith (Oct 1992)

books"Bunchy", Or, the Children of Scarsbrook Farm by Edith Caroline Phillips (Mar 10, 2010)

booksBunchies of Bunnies Over 50 Pom Pom Rabbits Book 326 by None Noted, Kay Bannon, Fran Brown and Mark Brockman (1993)

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booksbunchy [ milly-molly-mandy series] by Joyce Lankester BRISLEY (1961)

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Movies about Bunchy:

moviesBanana Bunchy Top in Hawaii - Second Edition 2008 - Runtime: 14 mins Directed by: Scot C. Nelson


Wiki information Bunchy:

Bunchy Carter
Man, Person, Deceased Person

Alprentice "Bunchy" Carter was an African American activist who was killed on January 17, 1969. He is celebrated by his supporters as a martyr in the Black Power movement in the United States.

Banana bunchy top virus
Biological Species, Organism Classification

Banana bunchy top virus is a plant pathogenic virus of the family Nanoviridae.


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