Definition funny of Bulleh:

urbanBulleh (spelled phonetically) : Used as slang in hawaiian pigeon. It is used between men primarily, however, plenty women will address a man with this salutation. It stems from the word "bully". In hawaiian pigeon the "U" is sounded/pronounced "ooh" so the word has been slurred from "Bully" too "boo leh". Often a man will greet another with "Hey boo leh, howzit?" It is like saying "your the bull/ bully, you dah man." It is just a nice way to say "You dah man and I will be submissive to you"

urbanex: 1) "yo' whassup bulleh, howzit ?" 2) "No way Iam do'n dat, you dah bulleh, you do it.."

urbannoun: a term used in pidgin that is applied to a person. it is most often a very friendly term, but can be used when the people conversing are not friendly towards each other.

urban1. "sup bulleh" or "howzit bulleh" 2. "what bulleh!? get problem?"


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