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numerologyName Number: 3 Meaning: Communication, Interaction, Friendship, Joy, Lightness, Humor, Art, Positivity, Optimism


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urbanumbrella Bumbershoot sounds too affected.

urbanI'd been needing a larger brolly for months, since our others had all fallen apart, as umbrellas, especially cheap ones, often do. When I saw that one in the lost and found I was all over it faster than Marion Jones on steroids.

urbanBrolly. A saiyan who was born on planet vegeta with a power level of 10,000. When planet vegeta was blown up he saved himself and his father by turning into a Quasi saiyan, or a False Super saiyan, protecting him and his father from the destruction of Planet Vegeta. Brolly is probably one of the most popular DBZ Villians of all time considering of how unbeatable he was. The legendary Super saiyan, everyone called him. Some people still have debates on wheather or not Brolly is the legendary super saiyan or Goku is. When Goku was growing up and fighting using martial arts, Brolly ran throughout the galaxy as a super saiyan...blow up planets with a single blast of energy. He almost killed his father and Brolly could not be controlled. His father placed a mind control device over him. When goku is much older, grown up. King Kai tells him of a Super saiyan destroying a Galaxy. Goku traces the energy to a deserted planet. A young man that is the father of Brolly lead Vegeta and the Z fighters to the planet where he said they would build a new planet vegeta. When goku approached Brolly for the first time. Brolly began to lose control, later he fought Goku and realised the energy he was tracing was Brolly's. When vegeta learned of this he did not fight Brolly realising they would be beaten easily. Even the might of Trunks, Gohan, Goku and Piccolo put together they could not stop the legendary Super saiyan. When they began to give energy to goku, he still could not win until Vegeta lend him his power though denied it at first. Goku punching brolly with every ounce of energy from Vegeta, Gohan, Trunks, Piccolo and Vegeta he was able to put the Legendary super saiyan in his place. Or so he thought. In the 2nd movie with Brolly, Brolly returns. Though Goku is dead, Gohan, Goten and Trunks ( Kid Trunks ) Search for the Dragonballs so videl could meet Shenron. Brolly's father realised in the last movie that what angered brolly was Goku's Crying. They were born on the same day in the same chamber. Goku's insesscent crying angered Brolly once again. Goten began to cry as well thus awakening the evil again. Goten and Trunks didn't stand a chance against the legendary Super saiyan. Gohan Went SSJ2 against Brolly and was almost killed. At the end of the Movie, after all 7 Dragonballz were collected Goten Wished there father was there. When brolly Launched a GIGANTIC green energy blast, Goten and Gohan laaunched a Kamehameha Wave against it. No Effect. When Goku arrived because of the dragonball's. he Launched a Kamehameha wave as well. Still not enough. When brolly was about to finish them off trunks threw a small ball of energy blocking the blasts, thus giving them the upper hand. The kamehameha Wave went directly through the ball and towards Brolly hurtling him into the sun, killing him once and for all. Brolly's Size makes him slow but his endurance is overall mind boggoling. With the Ability to create a energy sheild that can even block the Strongest Type of Blast is invaluable. Goku was only with Goten and Gohan in Spirit though, he was not brought back to life. A Reincarnation of Brolly was made but defeated by Goten and Trunks. Freezing him in some type of liquid and destroying him. Brolly's attacks are not named. Though in the video game series they are. So I shall list them. When Brolly Charges an Energy blast, it is called Blaster Cannon. The gigantic Ball of energy is Gigantic Meteor. Brolly's hatred for Goku is and always will be...endless...

urban" I shall show you the true meaning of pain " Brolly says to Goku. " Now is your time to die, Kakaorot. " Brolly says again to goku.

urban1. To grab someone's skull with your hand and run them through solid objects, breaking said objects and concussing said person. 2. To break things with another person's head. 3. To run people through walls head first.

urbanPerson 1: Did you see that guy in the hospital with the skull fractures? Person 2: Yeah, someone Brollyed him through a refrigerator.

urbanmeans something is insane.....insanely bad, insanely shit, insanely refined, insanely good, insanely quality, insanely hot, insanely amazing.


Songs about Brolly:

songsAnotha Side Of Me (feat. Bruce Brolly aka D Tails) [Explicit] by C-Lim Presents from the Album Sunny Boy

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Books about Brolly:

booksSpotty Brolly: A Mr Croc Book About Patterns (Mr Croc Board Book) by Jo Lodge (Mar 4, 2010)

booksGeriatricks 1: a) Maddie's UXB b) Tobias's Cattle c) Henry's Brolly d) Rotary Rendezvous (a poem) by Derek G Mynard (Dec 2, 2013)

booksThe Brollys: Great Storm by Shirley Isherwood and S. Kettle (Nov 1990)

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booksSmiffy and the Jolly Brolly by Jim Hansen (Mar 1, 2005)


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moviesDragon Ball Season 1-5, Dragon Ball Z Season 1-9, Dragon Ball Z Brolly Triple Threat, Dragon Ball Z Trunks/bardock... -


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Joe Brolly
Barrister, Measured person, Athlete, Person

Joe Brolly is an Irish barrister, Gaelic football analyst and former player from Dungiven, County Londonderry, Northern Ireland. Brolly played for Derry in the 1990s and early 2000s and was part of the their first ever All-Ireland Senior Football...

Shane Brolly
Actor, TV Actor, Film actor, Person, Influence Node

Shane R. Brolly is an Northern Irish actor, writer, and director, most known for his role as Kraven in the Underworld franchise.