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urban1: slang term used by some childfree people for one who has a child and/or has many after that, refuses to discipline the child/ren, thinks the sun rises and sets for their child/ren, look down upon people who do not have children, and are in general very selfish and greedy when it comes to their whims and those of their child/ren, especially if they can use their parenthood status or their children as an excuse to get their way. A female breeder is commonly called a moo, and a male breeder a duh. 2: slang term used by people of homosexual persuasion to refer to heterosexual couples, who have a significantly higher risk of contributing to the population increase than the homosexuals do.

urban"Can you believe the nerve of those breeders? They come in to a nice restaurant and proceed to sit by and watch while their progeny shriek and run all over the place, and then let the children make a huge mess and do not even tip the waitstaff. Disgusting..."

urbann~ (offensive) A heterosexual person. One who breeds with members of the opposite sex. see also: trailer trash, homophobe

urbanUgh! What's that smell? Is this a breeder bar? It reeks of CK one in here.

urbanBreeder is a slang term (either joking or derogatory) used to describe heterosexuals, primarily by homosexuals. It is drawn from the fact that while homosexual sex does not lead to reproduction, heterosexual sex can, with implicit mocking by connotation of animal husbandry.

urbanThat's right, call me faggot you pathetic breeder!

urbanSomeone who reproduces at least once, and appears to have no concept of how to raise a child. Breeders often have skewed reasoning (or no reasoning) behind their decision to give birth, such as: "Why did I have kids? Well...that's just what you do, isn't it? You can't not have kids..." - "I didn't want kids, but he/she said that if we didn't have any, he/she would leave me, so I had to really." - "It sorts out all the problems in your relationship! No, really!" - "My parents wanted grandchildren." - "If you have kids, you get a free house and allowance from the tax-payers!" - "The bible says so." Breeders are easily spotted by the following: - their determination to ignore the havoc wreaked by their snotty brat - the tendancy to change nappies on restaurant tables and other inappropriate places - their complete and utter outrage when someone asks them to prevent their child from misbehaving - their cries of "he/she's just a chyyyuld" if you refuse to comply with their ickle precious's every whim - their often unkept appearance, the stains of baby-food on their t-shirts, greasy skin because they didn't have time to shower between popping out to buy their fags and dropping their brat off at his dad's council flat. This term is often associated with the childfree, though it is sometimes used by others. It is not used to describe those who do a decent job of raising their kids.


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A breeder reactor is a nuclear reactor capable of generating more fissile material than it consumes. These devices are able to achieve this feat because their neutron economy is high enough to breed more fissile fuel than they use from fertile...


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