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urbanwhen a certain unnamed person tells you that despite everything you've ever done for them they just need some time away from you even though when her car broke down two hours away from anywhere you drove all the way over just to find out that she wasn't pushing down the clutch enough and then you follow her all the way back to her place but she doesn't even invite you to spend the night so you drive like three hours back home and then the next day you find out that she's been seeing some other guy and you tell her you really don't think it's fair that she would do that which really sets her off and she starts screaming at you about how you always smother her even though she's the one that always comes crying to you at 2:00am in the morning when you have classes the next day but you stay up talking anyway and end up doing really crappy on your final exam and having to retake CS401 which is your LAST REQUIRED CLASS TO GRADUATE so you have to stick around an extra semester and you end up missing a job oppotunity and the whole time shery is busy making out with your friend but you never even knew it was your friend but now it makes sense that the whole damn time she was just playing with you to get to him and goddamnit shery HOW COULD YOU DO THAT TO ME AFTER I SPENT SEVEN HOURS OVER THE PHONE HELPING YOU WITH YOUR PROJECT AND NOW I HAVE NOTHING TO SHOW FOR IT BUT A GRUNT POSITION AT BK BECAUSE I MISSED MY CHANCE AT THE GREATEST JOB EVER AND YOU WON'T EVEN RETURN MY CALLS EVEN THOUGH I JUST WANT TO ASK YOU WHY, DAMNIT, WHY!?!?!!

urbana break?!?!?! WHHHHHHHHHHYYYYYYYY????!!1111

urbanBy far the most idiotic concept ever created. Introduced to the masses by friends when Ross and Rachel went on a "Break." Since then, when girls are too stupid, bitchy or confused to just break up with someone, the decide to "take a break." The terms definitions can vary to allow each partner to see other people during this time, or they can set the rules so that neither of you can see others. The later enables them to suck what is left of your soul out before they break up with you and latch onto someone else. The literal translation of "I think we should go on a break" when translated to actual english is " I'm a bitch and I would like to waste some more of your time by half staying together."

urbanThis just isn't working anymore, I think we should take a break, I still love you, it's just...

urbanBasically BREAKING UP with intentions of getting BACK TOGETHER.

urban"This just isn't working anymore, I think we should take a break, I need time to clear my head, I still love you, it's just..." -Jeff P. (earlier page)(changed somewhat)

urbanbreak section of a record or song. The word “break” means the short section of a record that can be looped on a sampler to create a longer, seamless piece of music from this one section. The term derives from the “breakdown”, a part of the funk or disco records where most of all the other instruments drop away, leaving the drummer, or maybe the drummer and percussionist, or drum and bassist, to play their parts unaccompanied. This provides an instant rhythm section to create a new tune from! These breakdowns came from the 60’s and 70’s funk production and artists like James Brown, who invented the use of the third beat. Before James Brown all popular music has been using a straight 4/4 time beat. Using the beats in between is what made it funky.


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Movies about Breaks:

moviesWhen the World Breaks [HD] 2013 NR CC - Runtime: 1 hr 24 mins Starring: Interviews with: Jerry Stiller, et al. Directed by: Hans Fjellestad

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Nu skool breaks
Musical genre

Nu skool breaks is a sub-genre of breakbeat originating during the period between 1998 and 2002. The style is usually characterized by more abstract, more technical sounds, sometimes incorporated from other genres of electronic dance music, including...


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