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urbanThe baot-is is an norwegian ice cream which gained critical acclaim trough the norwegian meme-site artige.no. Baot-is has created alot of anger and frustration on omegle.com, where people not familiar with the term has discussed Baot-is and its origin. As for the taste of Baot-is, its Pure epic, and truly the nectar of the gods. We assume the Baot-is is made with divine intervention, cause no mortal would be able to make such an awesome flavour.

urbanGod: Jesus, did you eat the last Baot-is?" Jesus: " eeeh..... no.! God: "Srsly, thats it, GTFO, You are moving to your mother!" Jesus: "But Josef is a major douche, I wanna live with you." God: "I'm sorry son, I can't live with someone who eats my last Baot-is."

urbanBaot-is is the most wonderful and beautiful thing in the world. A Norwegian ice cream. It's original name is Båt is, but after a violent spread of re-writing things in dialect on a Norwegian site called artige.no it became Baot-is. This is something Norwegian trolls will randomly write on Omegle, chatroulette or any other place where they have the opportunity to troll.

urbanI can haz Baot-is?

urbanIce cream in norway that looks like a boat and consists of vanilla ice and chocolate topping

urbanEg skal ha ein baot-is

urbanThe Norwegian's attempt to take over the world with the now so famous quote around every public chat room "Eg skal ha ein baot-is". Which basically means "I want a baot-is". Baot-is is some sort of slang for "Båt is" Which is the original Norwegian word. Båt is is a type of icecream and is translated "Boat ice"


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Baotian Li
Film actor, Award Nominee, Person, Award Winner, TV Actor

Baotian Li is an actor.

Biological Genus, Organism Classification

Baotianmansaurus is a genus of titanosauriform sauropod dinosaur. Its fossils have been found in Upper Cretaceous rocks in Henan, China. The type species is B. henanensis, described in 2009. Holotype number is this single specimen is 41H III-0200....