Definition funny of Antipop:

urban1. Non-conformist. 2. A great song by alternative/metal band Primus. 3. An even greater song by Canadian alternative group the Matthew Good Band. 4. Music that sounds popish but does not conform to any other pop music standards.

urban1. "Dude, there's a reason he looks like a fag yet teabagged your girl...he's anti-pop." 2. "I suck information through the holes in my skull/as my belly gurgles hungry my mouth is always full." 3. "If you give it up they'll love you for it/Give them blood and they'll love you for it..." 4. "Dears? Broken Social Scene? Those ain't pop, you dipshit...that's anti-pop."

urbanThe below is the creedo of the antipop crusader. It in itself is an excellent definition of what antipop is. Then the seventh seal, that bore the emblem of mtv, was broken and unto the earth was brought the ultimate evil. that evil was known as pop culture. the ruiner of our friends, family, and chldren. Fear pop. Fear all that is aligned with pop. We, the punks and freaks, must end this rein of terror. We must kill pop....

urbanAaron Robinson is an excellent example of antipop.

urban1) one who is periphiral, on the outside, a non-conformist 2) a song by the most excellent alternative band Primus 3) used mockingly, someone who pretends to be a non-conformist, then goes home and slobbers over the latest TRL lineup

urban1) I am THE Anti-Pop 2) "I am/the anti-pop/I'll run against your name until the day I drop" 3) Wow, Travis, you are sooooo Anti-Pop

urbanYet being a "punk" or "freak" is in itself part of pop culture, and without pop culture your ability to be a so called "freak" would not exist. You dumb peice of shit.


Songs about Antipop:

songsThe Antipop by Primus from the Album Antipop

songsThe Antipop by Primus from the Album Antipop

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songsEl Capitalismo Foráneo (Antipop Consortium Remix) by Gotan Project from the Album La Revancha Del Tango

songsAnti-Pop by Dreamcrusher from the Album Anti-Pop/Reykjavik

songsAnti-Pop Punk Junkie by The Cyclones from the Album We're Livin' Like Weasels!

songsAntipop by Plaid Tongued Devils from the Album Monsteroma


Books about Antipop:


booksAnti-pop live : Apartment House City(Chinese Edition) by [ MEI ] QIAO ZHI DE LI EN DUO . [ AO ] GE LEI GE LAI HE ER (Jun 1, 2013)

booksGuitar Player Magazine March 2005 (nels cline the anti-pop iconoclast rocks out with wilco) by Guitar Player Magazine (2005)


Movies about Antipop:

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